Improve your Acumatica ERP!

Whether your ERP implementation is still in the future, or you’ve had it running for years there still may be needs to improve the functionality or user experience.  This is where BluCurrent’s professional team of designers and engineers can assist in performing an optimization review.  Our review not only encompases a technical review of your system performance but a deep dive in understanding not only your current needs and pain points but your vision for the future.

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Our solution architects get in touch with the team in your organization who needs the custom functionality or reporting and we draft a strategy and roadmap to go from thought to production in the most efficient and effective way possible.  At BluCurrent we approach this process differently by listening to the business users and understanding what is the most optimal solution.  We then work within the parameters of the system to give the most practical version as possible all the while why not trying to compromise the original vision.

Once the solution is agreed upon, the engineering and quality control team begins the design of the solution.  We use an iterative approach, so for projects that take longer than 1 run the solution is deployed into a separate environment or tenant for your team to try and give back your input on the functionality and the progress.

Once complete your team can perform User Acceptance testing (UAT) before the main production environment or tenant goes live with the updated customization.

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As our joined teams work through the stages of the project, we will keep you up to date on the progress in real time to ensure that the ERP system deployment is nothing short of a resounding success that you deserve.

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