Let’s grow your Distribution business with Acumatica ERP!

Our distribution clients know this simple fact of life well, when it comes to growing your business, speed and agility are top priorities and your bottom line depends on it.  In today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment with growing supply chains, added tracking regulations, and growing lists of SKUs for products and raw materials, you need accurate and timely information more than ever. Every decision made in the warehouse or in the field is closely tied to accounting—and every accounting decision requires data from operations, sales, and service. Thus it becomes inevitable that your employees need access to information that’s relevant to the decision at hand no matter when and where they are regardless of what task they’re performing.

Acumatica ERP for Distribution

Comprehensive tracking

Serial tracking built into the system that allows you to track lot/serial information without overwhelming your staff.

Real time tracking

Multi-bin is an integral part of the system, allowing you to organize your warehouse and keep track of where everything is at any point in time.

Mobile solution tracking

Capabilities allowing you to extend tracking functionality from the back office into the hands of warehouse worker or field service technician through mobile devices. 

Benefits of Acumatica ERP

With Acumatica’s cloud technologies spanning multiple locations and extending its reach to mobile devices in the worker’s and executive’s hand, it is now absolutely possible to combine timely and accurate data to make relevant decisions quickly.  Here are just a few things that will help you maintain your competitive edge:

Intuitive user interface and low learning curve to get you started right away.

Universal availability gives you access to the system from any device, anytime, and from any location. 

Single version of the truth.  No need to maintain integrations between applications.

Automates your business processes, notifications, and approvals to best fit with your business.

Supports multi-currency transactions.  Allows you to work in any currency and convert to/from your base currency as necessary.

Accessible documents.  Share information and company documents among any combination of teams, departments, and external users.

Supports multiple languages to allow you to work in the language that you’re most comfortable with. Print invoices and other documents in the language preferred by your client.

Smart data.  Comprehensive reporting gives you better and more timely information to be better informed to make decisions.

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