Proper ERP Selection process can be a difference between despair and contentment Warning reader about my bias When an article about an ERP system comes from a reseller of one of the ERP systems, readers may be suspicious of the intent of the author in writing this article. Well, from the first words of my […]

Today we’re re-launching bluCurrent.io website as an informational portal for our customers. It is currently designed as a place to find out about services that we provide, products that we sell, company news and industry updates, as well as provide our clients with an easy way to get in touch with us. And this is […]

As our customers know well, bluCurrent has been Acumatica’s Product Company for the past 3+ years. We now took a new step in our partnership with Acumatica and we just became a certified VAR for Acumatica ERP.  What this means for the direction of bluCurrent For our current macConnector customers this will change absolutely nothing. […]