Best practices of business optimization

Your business is unique, and your organization was established and grew in its own unique way. Your business processes have worked for your company thus far got you to the place you are now.  These practices may be just fine or they could be augmented and optimized for more growth.  At BluCurrent we advise our clients to take a fresh look at their business practices through an independent lens and evaluate how your business is stacking up against the industry as a whole and how our way of doing business compares to the industry standards.

Inventory Control

Inventory control for Distributors and Manufacturers is as critical as Point Of Sales (POS) systems are for retailers. With over 20 years of experience helping companies implement procedures and best practices that follow leading industry standards, we can help your business be more efficient through inventory control and redesigns of your warehouse layouts.  We also assist in optimizing procurement, receiving, shipping, invoicing, internal transfers and other transactions that affect your inventory levels. We can also help you with suggestions on how to achieve a physical/digital equilibrium, when your physical inventory picture always matches the digital snapshot of your inventory within your ERP system.

Data Collection automation

Curious on how to automate your data collection?  We can optimize your manufacturing processes through automate data collection with your raw material distributions and your production recording within your ERP system. Automation practices once accessible only to Fortune500 companies are now more affordable than ever before, and can add a great value to your business by increasing accuracy and removing human factors from critical tracking functions.

Quality Control

Have too many issues with rejections and returns that are costing you both time and money?  At BluCurrent we can discuss your quality control processes and benchmark you to industry standards and government regulations, while increasing customer satisfaction, and minimizing your scrap through the various stages of manufacturing.

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