From Product Company to VAR

At BluCurrent we have been working with Acumatica since 2017.  We started off as a Product Company and in 2020 we became a full Acumatica Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner. Our Professionals have over 20+ years of experience working on different ERP projects.  From design and implementation to customization, our team of professionals can bring real world experience to your next ERP project. We have worked on projects in many different industries including Distribution, Manufacturing, and eCommerce clients, working closely with in-house teams to tailor and design a proper solution to meet our client’s unique needs.

Team of professionals right for your business

Our team of professionals will identify which solution is right for your business. We will take the guesswork out of things like which ERP works best for you such as private cloud, public infrastructure, or on premise deployment. Once we determine the infrastructure we will then focus on making the best choice of Accumatica’s pre-packaged ERP system and/or adding customization for your specific situation. Going with the pre-packaged ERP system translates to a faster implementation timeline and quicker ROI.  However, going with custom deployment gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Once we have our roadmap in place our certified financial consultants will work hand in hand with your team to create and optimize your chart of accounts as well as any other accounting, reporting to meet your business needs. 

Our implementation team will then use the BRS to deploy the system that is perfectly tailored to your business. Our team will do user training, and your users can now begin exploring the system and getting ready for the User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Our solution consultants will work closely with your team and go through every function that your business performs, every approval that you need along the way, and every feedback mechanism that you need your new ERP system to provide. Once all of the aspects are discussed in detail, they are documented in a Business Requirements Specification document (BRS) that will later be used to complete the technical design of your system. In parallel to this, our professionals will be working on your data migration plan – whether from a paper system or previous ERP / CRM / Manufacturing / WMS system(s) that you’ve been using thus far.

We have real experience in these verticals

Always in touch!

As our joined teams work through the stages of the project, we will keep you up to date on the progress in real time to ensure that the ERP system deployment is nothing short of a resounding success that you deserve.

Let`s start!